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Venue:The Third International Conference of AlternativePerspectives in the Humanities and the Social Sciences will be held in PalmBeach, Florida. It will be held at Everwise Hall, the headquarters of theJournal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences. The Conference willalso be broadcast online through the WizIQ online learning platform allowingfor unlimited guests (at no charge). This is a great opportunity for Professorsto integrate their research and their teaching by allowing their students toparticipate in the Conference as observers. 
 Topic for theConference: SustainableDevelopment and Social Change: Opportunities and Threats 
 -         Business and Management
 -         Sociology and Anthropology 
 -         Education
 -         History and Literature 
 -         Environmental Science 
Conference Chair: Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt 
 Keynote Speakers: 
 -         Dr. Om Dwivedi 
 -         Dr. Beatriz Peña Acuña
Topic: Sustainableopportunities in the business arena (English)
Dr. Beatriz Peña Acuña holdsan Extraordinary Doctorate Prize with a doctoral thesis about Steven Spielbergand leads an interdisciplinary research group called Personal Development. She studied Spanish Philology, HumanisticStudies and Journalism. She teaches Communication to undergraduates, andManagement and Business Administration and Research methods in Teaching Studiesat Masters level at the University of Saint Anthony (Murcia, Spain). She is theauthor of several books in Spanish, such as Journalismand TV studies, Scientific Methods ofObservation in Education, Human Developmentand other titles. Her research has appeared in several peer-reviewedacademic journals in Spanish and English. She is Member of the Editorial Boardof the Journal Spanish Society ofCommunication (SEECI), and the Journalof Alternative Perspectives (JAPPS). She has researched in New YorkUniversity (USA), University of East Anglia (Norwich) and Queen Mary College(University of London). She is an Honorary Professor at the University of theInternational University of Humanities and Social Sciences (IUHS, Costa Rica)of Applied Sociology and Film studies, and she has also been teaching inErasmus program in some European universities. She is also an elected Fellow ofthe Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.
 -         Dr. David Caldevilla 
Prof.Dr. David CaldevillaDomínguez. Licenciado y Doctor en Cienciasde la Información,(Comunicación Audiovisual por la Complutense). Diplomado en Magisterio (U. deZaragoza). Acreditado a titular (ANECA). Docente en: U. Complutense, U. Europeade Madrid, IED, ESERP e IPAM (Oporto). Ponente y conferenciante en diversoscursos y profesor en varios títulos propios (Telemadrid, Walter & Thompson,McCann…). Secretario General de la SEECI (Sociedad Española de Estudios de ComunicaciónIberoamericana) y del “Fórum Internacional de la Comunicación yRelaciones Públicas”. Investigador Principal (IP) del Grupo Complutense deInvestigación ‘Concilium’. Autor de másde 50 artículos científicos y de 6 libros: Asturiasy La Rioja, una historia común, El sello de Spielberg, Cultura y RR.PP., Manual de RR.PP., Las RR.PP.y su fundamentación y La cara internade la comunicación empresarial. Director de varias tesis. Miembro decomités científicos y de honor de congresos internacionales. Ponente en 70 Congresos Nacionales e Internacionales. Firmainvitada en diversas publicaciones y Tertuliano radiofónico en COPE yRADIOINTERECONOMÍA. ‘Medalla al mérito profesional’ por “Actualidad económica”. 
 -         To be announced  
Graduate Students: Virtual Presentation $120
 -         10 minute pre-recorded youtube presentation orlive wiz-IQ online presentation with 10 minute Q&A session 
 -         Publication of conference paper in special issueof the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences and in the ConferenceProceedings-         Student Membership in the Guild of IndependentScholars 
-         Conference Participation Certificate 
Virtual Presentation for Scholars: $200                
 -         10 minute pre-recorded youtube presentation orlive wiz-IQ online presentation with 15 minute Q&A session 
 -         Publication of conference paper in special issueof the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences and in the ConferenceProceedings-         Membership in the Guild of Independent Scholars 
-         Conference Participation Certificate 
Traditional Presentation for Scholars in Palm Beach: $500                
 -         10 minute pre-recorded youtube presentation orlive wiz-IQ online presentation with 15 minute Q&A session 
 -         Live presentation at Everwise Hall (broadcastonline) 
 -         Publication of conference paper in special issueof the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences and in the ConferenceProceedings-         Publication of paper in edited volume publishedby JAPSS Press-         Print copies of both the Journal and the EditedVolume 
 -         Adjunct Fellowship in the Guild of IndependentScholars 
 -         Conference Participation Certificate 
 -         Refreshments and Snacks  
 Registration Instructions: 
1.      Please fill out the following form. 
2.      Once the board reviews your abstract we willinform you of the acceptance, rejection, or acceptance pending changes of yourproposed presentation. 
3.       At thispoint you are expected to pay the appropriate registration fee and to send usyour full paper in word format (by clicking on one of the paypal buttons). Forthose scholars without a debit card you can also pay through Western Union.Please contact us for details on different payment options. 
4.      We will assign you a time and panel for yourpresentation. 
5.      For those of you preferring asynchronouspresentations, you are expected to upload your 10 minute presentation toyoutube at least three weeks before the Conference and to send us the link tothe video. 
6.      For those of you preferring live virtualpresentations, we will send you the link to your online classroom at least aweek before the presentation. 
7.      Print copies of the publications, membershipcertificates, and participation certificates will be send by mail two weeksafter the Conference. Contact:
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