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Venue: The International Conference on Leadership and Governance will be held at Everwise Hall in West Palm Beach, Florida. There will also be a virtual modality for scholars who cannot present in person.
Topic for the Conference: Leadership and Governance
  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Development
Conference Chair: Colonel Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Count of Kobryn 
 Keynote Speakers:
  • Professor Miguel A. Orta, a native of Cuba, has been an instructor at Nova Southeastern University  since 1999. He teaches in both the graduate and undergraduate programs, having taught  Import/Export Management, Comparative Management and International Negotiations, International Legal Environment and Law Ethics and Society and New Venture Creation .  Now as a participating faculty member he teaches in the Entrepreneurship  Department  both Law for Entrepreneurs and International Trade for  Entrepreneurs. Miguel has a BA in Political Science and Mass Communications from Florida State University, A Juris Doctor from Duke University and a Masters in International Business from Nova Southeastern University.After graduation from Law School, Miguel practiced law in the areas of corporate, international, commercial, labor, criminal and litigation law, representing and advising numerous Latin American clients in commercial transactions. He subsequently, entered the business arena as owner or operator of start-ups in several enterprises involved commercial real estate, agriculture, mining, metals recycling, generic pharmaceutical repackaging, import/export, and sports promotion.Having traveled to over 170 countries, he has consulted and been involved in business projects in over 50 countries. As founder of American Strategic Consultants, he has conducted market research, feasibility studies and business planning for the development of international enterprises in Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Panama. He is presently involved in strategic planning for Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Thai companies entering the United States and Latin American markets. During the 1990’s he served as a special business and trade consultant to Fernando Color de Mello, the first democratic elected president in Brazil after the fall of the military dictatorship.Miguel is also involved in numerous humanitarian projects in Cuba and has advised Asian, European and American firms on market entry strategies for present day Cuba and a post Castro Cuba. He serves  as Chair Person for the SCORE chapter in Hollywood, Florida and in the Broward County Guardian ad Litem Program.
  • Lt. Colonel Eugene Martell, Retired. Colonel Martell had a long and eventful career in the US Airforce. He was one of the pilots who flew with an atomic payload during the tense days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. He is also a historian focused on American Military History. The Colonel has many years of experience teaching at the university level in Florida.  
  • Dr. Orlando Rivero, an award-winning professor/author and accomplished researcher, he’s particularly well known for his work on the effects organizational change, international business and organizational development in mid/large environments and the effects of self-prediction on people’s behavior.    Dr. Rivero achieved the distinction of being elected an Academician of Social Science by the International Academy of Social Sciences and by the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in recognition of the significant contribution that his work has made to the social sciences. Most recent, he was elected Honorary Professor of Business Administration by Central American Institute of Asia Pacific Studies. A Member of the United Nations Academic Action Program. In 2012, Dr.  Rivero was awarded "Best Paper Award" The Clute Institute, International Conference  in Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV.
    Dr. Rivero, a proven academic leader with strengths in developing students, faculty and community support.   Dr. Rivero served as the  Director, Business Programs (School of Business)  at Carlos Albizu University Miami, Florida  During his tenure,  he directed the administration, policies, integrity, program and personnel of the School of Business.  Additionally, he provided leadership in areas of professional development for interdisciplinary faculty to ensure quality of academic programs.
    Prior to embarking into academia, Dr. Rivero served in various leadership roles for 20 years with the local government to include, but not limited to, Division Director, Miami-Dade Police Department, Animal Services Unit, Budget Analyst, Miami-Dade Corrections Rehabilitation Department and Affirmative Action Administrator, Miami-Dade Small Business Affairs.  Dr. Rivero is the Recipient of the National Association of Counties, (NACO) Achievement Award for the establishment of several community driven programs.
    Dr. Rivero is a graduate of Argosy University where he completed his Doctoral degree in Business and completed his Master of Public Administration degree at Nova Southeastern University.
  • Prof. Edel Lemus, MIBA: Prof. Edel Lemus is an Assistant Professor, Carlos Ablizu University, School of Business, undergraduate/graduate programs and has taught the following courses, Managerial Finance, Managerial Accounting, Operational Management, Business Ethics and Strategic Management.Prior to getting involved in academia, Prof .Lemus held various financial administrative positions in both United States and other foreign firms.  Additionally, he is the founder of IMG International Inc, specializing in marketing research feasibility, financial studies and business planning for the development of international enterprises in Brazil and Spain. He is spearheading Carlos Albizu University in various strategic marketing initiatives for expansion in Latin America countries for educational purposes. On a personal level, he is a native Cuban and is involved in numerous humanitarian projects in Cuba, Brazil, and India.Prof. Lemus completed his Bachelors degree in Accounting and earned a Masters degree in International Business at Nova Southeastern University.  Currently,  he is pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Business Administration  in Accounting at Argosy University, Sarasota, Florida

Graduate Students: Virtual Presentation $80
  •  10 minute pre-recorded youtube presentation 
  •   Publication of conference paper in special issue of the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences
  •  Student Membership in the International Academy of Social Sciences (IASS)
  • Membership Certificate 
  • Conference Participation Certificate 
Virtual Presentation for Scholars: $120                
  • 10 minute pre-recorded youtube presentation 
  •  Publication of conference paper in special issue of the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences
  • Regular Membership in the International Academy of Social Sciences (IASS)
  • Membership Certificate 
  • Conference Participation Certificate
Traditional Presentation for Scholars in Palm Beach: $150               
  • 10 minute pre-recorded youtube presentation 
  •  Live 15 minute presentation with 10 minutes Q&A
  • Gala Reception at the Hall (White or Black Tie, Decorations)
  •  Publication of conference paper in special issue of the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences
  • Fellow level Membership in the International Academy of Social Sciences (IASS)
  • Membership Certificate 
  • Conference Participation Certificate
  • Print copy of the special issue of JAPSS
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  6. Print copies of the publications, membership certificates, and participation certificates will be send by mail two weeks after the Conference for virtual presentations and will be available during the conference for traditional presentations. Contact:
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Virtual Presentation Graduate Students
Virtual Presentation for Graduate Students
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Virtual Presentation for Scholars
Virtual Presentation for Scholars
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Traditional Presentation Palm Beach
Traditional Presentation Palm Beach
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