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International Conference on Education, Culture, and the Arts

Part of the 

Dr. Otto Federico von Feigenblatt Interuniversity Lecture Series for Peace, Development, and Education

Gulfport, Florida (October 8, 2022)

City of Gulfport: Gulfport Casino Ballroom

5500 Shore Blvd S, Gulfport, FL 33707

1 PM to 6 PM


About the Lecture Series: The Interuniversity Lecture Series "Dr. Otto Federico von Feigenblatt for Peace, Development, and Education" was established on August 5, 2022 by the CUGS University of Mexico and a group of international universities and academies to promote the dissemination of knowledge about the nexus between peace, development, and education. With a secretariat at the headquarters of CUGS University and chaired by the university's rector, the Interuniversity Lecture Series was named in honor of the renowned social scientist and diplomat, Dr. Otto Federico von Feigenblatt, for his contribution to interdisciplinary research. The two main activities of the Lecture Series are the organization of academic congresses in different countries and the annual ceremony for the award for Excellence in the Social Sciences. 


  • CUGS University of Mexico
  • National Academy of History and Geography of Mexico

  • Instituto Superior de Ciencias Educativas do Douro (Portugal)
  • Institución Universitaria Colegios de Colombia UNICOC (Colombia)
  • Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (Estados Unidos de América)
  • Journal of Asia Pacific Studies (Estados Unidos de América)
  • International Academy of Social Sciences (United States of America)
  • Catholic University of Murcia (Spain)
  • Instituto Superior de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo (Portugal)
  • Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana - Núcleo del Guayas (Ecuador)
  • Sponsors:

    • Antigono Gallery

    • Fundacion Transformacion en Tiempos Violentos

    Conference Chairs:

    • H.E. Professor Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Ed.D., Ph.D., President of the International Academy of Social Sciences and professor of education, Keiser University. 

    • The Honorable Michael Fridovich, Councilmember, City of Gulfport

    Dress Code: Business Attire

    Opening Keynote Speech:

    H.E. Professor Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Ed.D., Ph.D., President of the International Academy of Social Sciences and professor of education, Keiser University.

    Title: Education and Development: An important nexus 

    Keynote Presenters: (10 minutes per presentation)

    1. H.E. Dr. Ricardo Martins, President of the Pedago Education Group (Portugal)

    Title: Preparing Entrepreneurial Leaders for the Success of Family Enterprises

    2.Honorable Samuel Henderson, Mayor of the City of Gulfport

    Title: Introducing Gulfport

    3. Dr. Óscar Yecid Aparicio Gómez, Editor in Chief of the Revista Internacional de Filosofía Teórica y Práctica.

    Title: "Uso de la tecnología para el aprendizaje, la investigación y la innovación"

    4. Dra. Olga Lucía Ostos Ortiz, Directora Nacional de Investigación e Innovación, Universidad Santo Tomás

    Title: "Modelo de gestión del conocimiento basado en análisis de capacidades y contexto"

    5. Professor Dr. Sasmita Samanta, Professor of Management and Vice Chancellor, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

    Title: Leadership in Education 

    6. Ms. Pamela Joy Trow, Artist

    Title: Art and Creativity

    Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Pamela’s affinity toward art was recognized as early as kindergarten. Accepting her fate, she followed a creative path, pursuing an award-winning career in design, illustration, and creative direction. With a heart for community, Pamela’s work focused on branding non-profits in child abuse prevention, early childhood wellness, reducing drug and alcohol abuse, and senior issues. Pamela’s career taught her the power of the message and story, which is present in all her art.

    Pamela’s work extended to teaching for 14 years at The Portfolio Center (graduate school in visual communications, Atlanta, GA), The Art Institute of Atlanta, and the Continuing Education department at the Community College of Central Oregon.

    While living in Bend, Oregon, the mayor appointed Pamela to the City of Bend Arts, Culture, & Beautification Commission, where she served as chair. In her interest in helping other artists, along with the blessing of the City Council, she created the art show, “City Walls At City Hall.” It successfully met its mission to connect businesses, non-profits, and the community around art.

    Pamela finds inspiration in the places she has lived. Brooklyn instilled a love for mythology, archetypes, and metaphors, Santa Fe inspired her Day of the Dead work, and Florida’s West Coast has prompted creations of fantasy, mermaids, and sea life themes.

    Currently, applying these themes, Pamela creates greeting cards, prints, and products of her art, which sell in retail stores and museum shops throughout the country, the UK, Ireland, and France. 

    7. Leah Veal, Founding Director of BLI Learning Labs 

    Leah Veal is a lifelong teacher and leaner who founded BLI Learning Labs in 2017 after spending 20 years counseling and teaching in both private and public schools. She takes a vision and makes it reality through hard work, talent, and innovative thinking. BLI Learning Labs launched 5 years ago at Gulfport Library with a handful of students, one RV retrofitted into a classroom, and a mission to promote self-worth and instill a love of learning in all children; today the nonprofit organization founded by Ms. Veal serves nearly 200 children with 5 locations across two states. Ms. Veal obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee and holds an Ed.S from Georgia State University. She has spent a lifetime volunteering for multiple academic and social service organizations and finds the most fulfillment using her love of reading and learning to inspire young learners.

    8. Susan Glickman, Environmentalist

    Title: The Environment: A Pressing Issue

    Named to Florida Trend’s Inaugural 500 Business Most Influential Business Leaders, Susan directs the Florida Clinicians for Climate Action - educating medical professionals on the health harms of climate change. She is also a consultant to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) having served as SACE’s Florida Director from 2013 to 2021. Currently she is assisting ReThink Energy Florida on The Upper Limit Project and working with Alianza for Progress and Sachamama on strategies to curb waste – a driver of climate change. A native of Florida, Susan has worked over two decades with many national organizations such as Natural Resources Defense Council, The Climate Group, Ceres, Our Children’s Trust, Center for Climate Integrity, Advanced Energy Economy, Union of Concerned Scientists and Environmental Defense Fund. Susan also developed and directed The Florida Business Network for a Clean Energy Economy, a coalition of business leaders working together to advance the clean energy economy. Susan is the Founding Chair of the Florida Commission on the Status of Women. She was a Volunteer Florida Commissioner – having served under both Governors Charlie Crist and Rick Scott. Susan is on the Board of the Solar & Energy Loan Fund (SELF) a community development finance institution that provides affordable financing for weatherization and solar improvements.

    9. Peter Hargitai is a retired Senior Lecturer in English and a literary translator, poet, and novelist. From 1978 until his retirement in 2012, he taught at the University of Miami, the College of the Bahamas, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and at Florida International University. His translation of Attila József’s poems in Perched on Nothing’s Branch was awarded the Harold Morton Landon Translation Prize by the Academy of American Poets. His own poem “Mother’s Visit No. 29” appeared in Sixty Years of American Poetry, introduced by Robert Penn Warren, with a Preface by Richard Wilbur. He is listed in Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages.

    10. Ray Domingo: After graduating on a ful scholarship from the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Ray Domingo would go on to become an internationally recognized illustrator and graphic designer, his work earning him numerous awards in the graphic arts field. In 2001, he retired from illustration to pursue his dream of expressing his love for the sea through his art. Today, Ray finds endless inspiration in the beautiful water of Florida and the magnificent creatures that inhabit them. His large vibrant paintings are dynamic depictions of the ocena's many ever changing moods; from the silent serenity of a living coral reef, to the breathtaking explosiveness of a life and death chase in the open sea. 

    11. Benjamin F. De Yurre y Fals, President of Teaching Anticommunism in America

    Title: The importance of Teaching our students about our values in Democracy, starting with Bilingual speeches due to Spanish population in Florida.

    12. Juan Sebastian Vasquez Perez, President of Altruista Wellness Co LLC

    Title: Geoenesis Project: Affordable Housing for a World in Crisis

    Juan Sebastian Vasquez is a Venezuelan visionary, humanist and environmentalist entrepreneur and the founder of DOMOSCR a prominent company in Costa Rica that provides low environmental impact and sustainable alternative housing development such as the Geodesic Domes. Juan enjoys spending time with his family and pet, is passionate about Eastern philosophy, animal welfare, organic living, inner peace, and plant-based food lifestyle.

    Juan is focusing right now on educating people to change their perspective about “waste” with his new Humanitarian project GEOSIS; that aims to provide affordable eco housing for low income communities by using 100% non toxic recycled materials. With the right mindset, waste is not really trash but very useful materials for the wellbeing of humanity.


    KATIA DEL ROCÍO RUIZ MOLINA, Professor of the University of Guayaquil

    Title: Responsabilidad Social De Los Gobiernos Autónomos Descentralizados, Municipalidades Y Su Impacto En El Clima Organizacional

    JANET DEL CONSUELO BONILLA FREIRE, Professor and Dean of Business Administration, University of Guayaquil

    Title: Talento humano y su influencia en el Engagement Laboral en la virtualidad en la Facultad de Ciencias Administrativas FCA de la Universidad de Guayaquil.

    TIMMY ABRAHAM GARCÍA CARPIO, Professor, University of Guayaquil

    Title: Modelo evaluativo a prácticas o métodos de aduana de la Comunidad Andina para la sostenibilidad del planeta.

    VERÓNICA PATRICIA SILVA ORTEGA, Professor, University of Guayaquil

    Title: Reactivación económica post Covid-19: Estrategias corporativas en el sector Hotelero en la ciudad de Guayaquil.

    JAZMÍN KATHERINE ARCE RECALDE, Professor, University of Guayaquil

    Title: El efecto experiencia y aprendizaje del fracaso empresarial como estímulo para la creación de nuevos negocios en la ciudad Guayaquil.

    FERNANDO ENRIQUE PONCE ORELLANA, Professor, University of Guayaquil

    Impacto de las prácticas de Gestión de Alto Desempeño en los resultados empresariales de las empresas en la ciudad de Guayaquil.

    ZOILA NELLY FRANCO CASTANEDA, Professor, University of Guayaquil

    Title: Seguridad Informatica para redes empresariales en las pymes de la ciudad de Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Virtual Presentations:

    1. Title: Physical Activity Levels in Higher Education - Current Perspectives and Future Directions

    Luís Branquinho a,c,e, Ricardo Ferraz b,c, Joana Ribeiroa,e, Sandra Santosa,e, Jorge Arede a,c,e, José E. Teixeira c,d, Pedro Forte a,c,d,e

    Authors affiliations

    a Department of Sport, Higher Institute of Educational Sciences of the Douro, Penafiel, Portugal

    b Department of Sport Sciences, University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal

    c Research Center in Sports Sciences, Health Sciences and Human Development, CIDESD,

    Covilhã, Portugal.

    d Department of Sport Sciences, PolytechnicInstituteof Bragança,Bragança, Portugal

    e CI-ISCE / ISCE Douro, Penafiel, Portugal

    2. H.E. Dr. Hernán Alejandro Olano García, Professor and Rector of the Institución Universitaria Colegios de Colombia Unicoc (Bogotá, Colombia)

    Title: TBA

    3. Sr. D. Perfay Cody, MD, MSM, Doctorando, Keiser University

    Titulo: ¿Cuándo termina la educación Superior en Medicina y porque no es uniforme para todos?

    4. Edward J. Velazquez Borrero, Doctorando, Keiser University

    Titulo: La escasez de maestros en Florida, Estados Unidos

    Art Exhibition titled "Art and Education" sponsored by the International Academy of Social Sciences. Dedicated to teachers

    Organizers and Sponsors

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