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JAPSS Press helps international scholars publish their work and distribute it around the world. It publishes only high quality academic work in the Social Sciences and provides free editorial and marketing services. The costs of publication are covered by the Author (s). JAPSS may provide financial assistance to scholars from developing countries so as to help them publish their work. Furthermore, JAPSS distributes its publications around the world through its international partners and markets all its publications internationally.

How does the process work?

  • IASS volunteers will edit and format manuscripts following international academic standards.

  • IASS volunteers will then prepare a proof copy of the work to be reviewed by at least two members of the Editorial Board and two other peer reviewers.

  • Once the book is approved it will be promoted through the IASS international network and will be available through international book sellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  • A professional review of the book will be prepared by a voluntary Scholars of IASS and will be published in an Issue of the Journal.

  • A web-page for the book will also be provided by IASS

  • Finally, press releases will be prepared and send to the Media and Universities around the world.

Advantages of Publishing your work with JAPSS Press:

  • IASS will not take into consideration sales potential when reviewing manuscripts.

  • IASS will only take into consideration the academic quality of the manuscript for selection.

  • IASS has a staff of voluntary scholars that will guarantee the quality of the finished product.

  • JAPSS Press is run by Scholars for the needs of Scholars and thus aims to empower the Author vis a vis the Market.

To Volunteer as a Peer Reviewer, Editor, or in another capacity:

(Volunteer Aplication Form)

To submitt a proposal for publication:

(Proposal Form)

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