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The Florida Delegation of the Royal Naval League of Spain organized an event to celebration that conclusion of Hispanic Heritage Month. The event was held in Miami, Florida and it was chaired by the Regional Delegate of the Royal Naval League, Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt. Local government officials were present and the event included two traditional dance troupes from Colombia. Dr. von Feigenblatt delivered a speech about the importance of Bernardo de Galvez for the early history of the United States. The speech was followed by a brief intervention by the noted economist Benjamin Deyurre who talked about the importance of hispanics in the history of America. Councilman Christian Castro of Miami-Dade County received a Fellowship from the American Society of Diplomacy and Political Science as well as a certificate of appreciation from the Florida Delegation of the Royal Naval League of Spain. Councilwoman Majorie Murillo of the Miami-Dade School District also received a Fellowship from the American Society. The Honorable Lubby Navarro, School Board Member for the District of Miami-Dade joined the International Academy of Social Sciences as an Honorary Academician. Several artists and local community leaders also received appreciation certificates from the Florida Delegation of the Royal Naval League including Maria Elena Quiros, Irene Antillon, among others. The Awards Ceremony was followed by two performances of Colombian music and finally by a moving speech by an international representative of the Bektashi Sect. Mr. Arben Suleijman talked about the need for more interfaith dialogue and also commended Dr. von Feigenblatt for all his work promoting the development of the Balkans.

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