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The Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of the Innovation in Education Book Series. 18 Volumes explores the complex field of education at all levels brings together the expertise of more than one hundred internationally recognized scholars. Each volume in the series explores an issue in depth.

Series Editors:

Dr. David Caldevilla

Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Viscount of Kobryn

Volume Editors:

  • Vol 1. Learning and Advanced Teaching Methods, Dr. Mariona Visa Barbosa

  • Vol 2. Communication and Interaction, Drs.Estrella Martínez Rodrigo y Pura Raya González

  • Vol 3. Case Studies in Higher Education, Dr. Elvira Calvo Gutiérrez

  • Vol 4. Trends and Innovation in Higher Education, Dr. Juan Enrique Gonzálvez Vallés

  • Vol 5. Current Audiovisual Productions, Dr.José Rodríguez Terceño

  • Vol 6. Updating Education Systems, Dr. Estela Bernad Monferrer

  • Vol 7. Reformed Methods for Higher Education, Dr. César Fernández Fernandez

  • Vol 8. Learning in the New Higher Education Area, Dr.José Francisco Durán Medina

  • Vol 9. Case Studies about Teaching in Today's Classrooms, Dr. Angélica Mendieta Ramírez

  • Vol 10. Languages and Persuasion: New Narrative Creations, Dr. David Caldevilla Domínguez

  • Vol 11. Content and Method at the Forefront of University Instruction, Drs. MªHelena Del Valle Mejías y Emma Camarero Calandria

  • Vol 12. Creativity and Innovation in Universities, Drs. José Díaz Cuesta y Carmen Gaona Pisonero

  • Vol 13. Cutting Edge Learning Processes in Higher Education, Dr. Magdalena Mut Camacho

  • Vol 14. Interactivity and Social Networks, Dr. Antonio Fernández Paradas

  • Vol 15. New Didactic Methods, Dr. Javier Rodríguez Torres

  • Vol 16. Current Didactic Methods for Higher Education, Dr. Janneth Santos Martinez

  • Vol 17. Special Topics in Higher Education, Dr. Graciela Padilla Castillo

  • Vol 18. Vectors of the Current State of the Art in Instruction Strategies, Dr. Beatriz Peña Acuña

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