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Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (July 2020)

Volume 10 No 3

Situational analysis of Ecuadorian Tuna and its Impact on the Trade Balance Period 2009-2013

Juan Carlos León Quinde

Eliana Segarra Vera

Gustavo Fausto Rodríguez Quiroz

Cost Tool - Volume - Usefulness in decision making; industrial companies - Cantón Quevedo

Rudy Ivonne Ortega Cabrera

Aida Maribel Palma León

Dayana Lissette Echeverría Ortega

Reflections on the curricular conception of the bachelor's degree in Public Administration

Darwin Javier Zamora Mayorga

Gina del Pilar Rendon Guerra

Alexandra Elizabeth Haro Chong

Evaluation for competitions of the practical professional pre: A didactic proposal

Karina Patrícia Arévalo Briones

Edgar Vicente Pastrano Quintana

Piedad Francisca Yépez Macías

A Blended Learning System in EFL for improving listening and speaking competence

Varas Giler Rosa Cecibel

Benítez Luzuriaga Betsy Patricia

Ortiz David Mónica Ruth

Martínez Garcés Rosmaira del Socorro

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