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Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (2023) Volume 11 No 4

Book Review: The Future is Asian by Parag Khanna

Daniel Clausen


Book Review:

2030: How Today's Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything by Mauro F. Guillén

Daniel Clausen


Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Conceptual Map: A Bibliometric Analysis

Stephen Murray

Victor M. Castaño

Cesar Aguado Cortes


Incidencia de la comprensión crítica en el análisis literario

José Luis Álava Alcívar

Miguel Ángel Álava Alcívar

Fuentes Acosta Brayner Arturo


Peace as a critical success factor for quality education

Leonardo Morán Poveda


La importancia de tener Instituciones Educativas ciberseguras post pandemia

David Julián Gurumendi Párraga


The impact of implementing strategies to teach writing skills in higher education

Mgtr. Carla Lozano Alvarado

Mgtr. Fernando Riera Hermida

Mgtr. Oswaldo Sanchez Macias


The Richness of the Training Spillover: When the In-Company and Interfirm Training Systems Get Married

Stephen Murray,

Victor M. Castaño

Cesar Aguado Cortes


An economic study of regional pattern of growth of herbal medicine

Dr. Zahoor Ahmad

Dr. Shahid Nadeem


The Know-How and the Know-What: The Compatibility of Tacit and Codified Training Knowledge in Creating a Functioning Training Regime at the Firm and Interfirm Levels

Stephen Murray,

Victor M. Castaño

Cesar Aguado Cortes


Sectarian Revolution or Irregular Warfare? Interrogating the Proliferation of Violent New Religious Movements as Impetus to insurgency in West Africa

Mike Omilusi

Joseph Sina, OWOSENI

Fawemi Isiaka Babatunde


The USA, China and Indian Triangular competition in Maldives

Shahadat Hossain


How to Read the News: A Reflective Essay on Pedagogy

Daniel Clausen

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