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Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (JAPSS)Volume 10 Issue 4 November 2020

Analysis of the student-centered approach in the development of brief written reports with First Level students at CENID at Technical University of Babahoyo

LIC. Mary Thalìa Cifuentes Rojas MSc, LIC. Erika Paola Garcìa Leòn MTEFL, ING. Gabriela Almache Granda MTEFL

Marketing and distribution of horticultural products in the markets of the Quevedo canton

Belky M. Rodríguez

Sandra C. Muñoz

Diana I. Cadena

Yoconda del P. Rodríguez

Analysis of the factors that affect the hard corn production chain in the Mocache canton

Diana I. Cadena

Galo H. Macías

Jenny M. Maldonado

Sandra C. Muñoz

Design of a measurement scale for customer´s percibed quality in Ecuador hotel industry

Guillermo Remigio Angamarca Izquierdo

Yelenys Díaz González

Carlos Cristóbal Martínez

Social responsibility initiatives that Ecuadorian companies have launched against COVID-19

Nancy V. Quinaluisa

Sandra C. Muñoz

Mariela S. Andrade

Diana I. Cadena

Economic impact of China's foreign direct investment in the Ecuadorian mining sector

Díaz Kovalenko Igor

Torres Natalia Jácome

Arguello Núñez Benigno

Social accounting from the business perspective

Nancy V. Quinaluisa

María C. Guzmán

Veronica A. Ponce

Impact on the change in income tax collection in Ecuador

Aida M. Palma

Rudy I. Ortega

Dayana Lissete. Echeverria

Business sustainability its application in agricultural smes

Karina A. Plua

Mariana del R. Reyes

Janeth F. Franco

The problematic of Accounting Management in Agricultural Smes

Mariana del R. Reyes

Karian A. Plua

Flor J. Franco

Antonio G. Álava

Millennials and centennials: new consumption trends

Diana I. Cadena

Galo H. Macías

Sandra C. Muñoz

María del Carmen Guzmán Macías

Towards improving data-driven public sector: an approach using Twitter API

Victor Eduardo Romero Cueva

Jimmy Rafael Landaburú Mendoza

Situational Analysis of Ecuadorian Tuna and its Impact on the Trade Balance Period 2009-2013

Juan Carlos León Quinde

Eliana Berenice Segarra Vera

Gustavo Fausto Rodríguez Quiroz

Cost Tool - Volume - Usefulness in decision making; industrial companies - Cantón Quevedo

Rudy Ivonne Ortega Cabrera

Aida Maribel Palma León

Dayana Lissette Echeverría Ortega

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